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Expert Dishwasher Repair Service

dishwasher repairHaving dishwasher problems? As a factory-trained repair service in the Tampa Bay area, Quality Appliance Service can diagnose and repair a number of issues. Our staff of highly-trained and certified technicians are ready to assist you whether you need dishwasher repair or regular dishwasher service to help keep your appliance running like new.

During a repair call, a technician will inspect your dishwasher to determine the cause of the problem. No technician will ever proceed with a repair without first getting your approval. Most of the time our technicians can fix your dishwasher, using a variety of in-stock parts carried with them in their vehicle. After the repair is completed, the technician will provide you with maintenance and care information to ensure your appliance functions correctly until your next service appointment.

During a routine service call, a technicians will inspect your dishwasher to look for signs of wear and tear, or broken parts. Regular service inspections can prevent the need for more costly repairs in the future, while extending the lifespan of your appliance.

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