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Repair Service for Ventilation Hoods

ventilation hood repairIf you’re experiencing ventilation problems, there are a number of things you can do on your own to try and solve them before calling a service professional to provide ventilation hood repair for your system.

  • Check your breaker to see if the circuit controlling the hood has been tripped.
  • Reset the breaker and check for operation.
  • If the blower is running but the light bulb is not working, check to see if the bulb needs to be replaced. Replace the bulb and check again.
  • The blower will shut off automatically if it becomes overheated. Leave it off for a while and try again later. It should run on its own again once it has cooled down.
  • If you try these basic fixes and still have issues, you may need a ventilation hood repair service. The certified technicians at Quality Appliance Service are factory-trained to service ventilations vents.

    When you schedule your service call a tech will come to inspect the system for signs of wear and tear. Once you consent to the repair, the tech will repair and replace any necessary parts to ensure your ventilation system works as intended. While the majority of repairs can be made on the same day using parts carried on the service vehicle, some cases may require an additional visit after the correct part(s) have arrived.

    Call us today to schedule service for your ventilation hood or barbecue grill.


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